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Creating your own lanolin-based lotion can save you money and let you control the ingredients of the moisturizer. Lanolin is a natural oil, which is produced from the processing of sheep’s wool, and it is a general additive in moisturizing creams. Technically, lanolin is a wax.

Waxes work well as barrier products to protect the skin's natural oil. Combining lanolin with other waxes, oils and astringents may help smooth skin without clogging the pores.

Fill a roasting pan with 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water to create a water bath.

Place the grated beeswax, lanolin and almond oil in an oven-safe dish and set the dish inside the water bath.

Place the roasting pan and dish inside the oven. Set the oven temperature at approximately 150 to 200 degrees or lower. Let the waxes melt and combine with the oil.

Add distilled water, witch hazel and borax into a stove pan or microwave safe dish and heat to boiling.

Pour the boiled mixture slowly into the melted beeswax compound and stir until it emulsifies.

Let cool to room temperature. Once cooled, the combined ingredients will become a white, creamy lotion. Transfer the lotion to a storage container, such as a bottle or dish.


To add fragrance, include an essential oil, such as lavender, with the oven mixture.


Do not use this recipe if allergic to wool or any of the ingredients.

Dedicate the pans used for creating the lotion. This will help avoid any chemical contamination of food. If you do choose to reuse the cooking utensils, wash them thoroughly multiple times with hot water and dish washing soap to remove any chemicals that may cling to the surface.