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The Brazilian blowout is a chemical treatment that leaves hair smooth while still retaining volume and body. Women with curly, frizzy or difficult to manage hair favor this treatment. Its effects can last for up to two months. However, it doesn't come without controversy regarding its ingredients. Emily Dougherty, the beauty editor at "Elle," cautions: “You need to do due diligence. ... Ask questions about where this chemical cocktail is coming from.”


The stylist begins the Brazilian blowout by washing the hair with a high-quality clarifying shampoo. The stylist doesn't apply conditioner because it would prevent the solution from soaking in properly. Then, the stylist towel-dries the hair to remove excess moisture, leaving the tresses damp but not wet.

Solution Application

The application of the solution is the defining step in the procedure, as it is this that gives the hair a smooth texture. The stylist works it through the hair, from roots to ends. In the past, most Brazilian blowout solutions contained formaldehyde. This caused many to question their safety. However, the introduction of formaldehyde-free solutions has increased the demand for Brazilian blowouts.


After the stylist applies the solution, he uses a blow-dryer to dry the hair. The heat from the blow-dryer helps to activate the solution and increase its effectiveness. Some hairdressers may place their client in a dryer chair as an alternative to blow-drying. Either option works well.

Flat Ironing

Once the hair is entirely dry, the stylist flat irons it to seal the solution into the cuticles. It is during this step that the effects of the Brazilian blowout start to become apparent. With each stroke of the flat iron, the client's hair will become increasingly smooth.


The last step of the Brazilian blowout involves rinsing the solution out of the hair. The stylist will apply a conditioning mask to promote healthy hair before the final rinse. Unlike other chemical treatments, a Brazilian blowout has no hair damage associated with it. By sealing moisture into your hair cuticles, a Brazilian blowout may actually protect your tresses from external damage.


When the stylist has rinsed out the solution, the Brazilian blowout is complete. However, many hairdressers will also dry and style their client's hair as a complimentary service. This gives the client a chance to see the full effects of the treatment for the first time.