How to Fix Hair After Washing When You Have a Brazilian Blowout

By Pilar Ethridge

The Brazilian Blowout is a viable hair treatment for those who'd like to achieve sleeker tresses with little effort. It's a chemical straightening process that helps to reduce frizz and control unruly curls for up to 12 weeks. After the initial treatment, which should only be done by a professional, you may find that your hair texture is more manageable, yet new and unfamiliar. With practice, you'll master your strands all over again and enjoy the ease of styling that the Brazilian Blowout affords you.

A Brazilian Blowout can help you cut back on styling time.

Step 1

Allow your strands to air-dry after you're done washing your hair. Air-drying is preferable to blow-drying since hair can become damaged as a result of overexposure to heat. It's OK to use the blow dryer a few times each week, but if you style your hair every day, air-dry whenever possible.

Step 2

Coat your strands with a heat protectant that's free of sodium chloride. Since chloride can break down the chemicals used in a Brazilian Blowout and shorten its lifespan, avoid the ingredient at all costs. Check the ingredient label on all hair products, including shampoo and conditioner, for the presence of sodium chloride before you make a purchase.

Step 3

Use a blow dryer or flat iron to further straighten your locks if you want a to achieve a sleeker look. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, frizzy or downright unruly, you'll notice that your styling time has drastically decreased since you have a chemical straightener that helps tame your strands.

Step 4

Create loose curls or waves by twirling your strands around a hot curling iron. Hold the strand in place for no more than 10 seconds, and then move on to the next section of hair. With a Brazilian Blowout, you'll achieve this textured, wavy look in little time and with virtually no preparation.

Step 5

Set your hair with a sodium chloride-free polishing serum. The polish will take your strands to the next level, giving you a salon-quality sheen each time you style your hair.