Black Hairstyles With Updos & Ponytails

By Nanette Kelley

Updos and ponytails are fun and easy, and there is a style for almost any occasion. Black women's hair can be dressed in these styles, either with their own natural hair, straightened hair or with hair extensions. Various accessories -- such as fabric-covered rubber bands, hair additions that attach with a comb, and bows and clips -- can aid in achieving the updo and ponytail combination you are looking for.

Combination braided and free-styled hair can be striking and elegant.


The texture of untreated, natural black hair varies from thick and coarse to fine. Black hairstyles with updos and ponytails for natural black hair often involve braids, but they are not mandatory. If your hair is short, for an updo, you can brush up the sides, using bobby pins or small combs to hold them in place and arrange the rest of your hair in curls. Longer or extended hair can be braided, if that is your preference, then rolled up into a French twist with a portion pulled into a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail in strands of hair or a covered band for an elegant look. Natural black hair is versatile and with creams, gels and effort, can be coaxed into almost any style.


A smooth bun is an easy updo and ponytail combination.

A casual ponytail or updo is perfect for a quick hairstyle to take you through your day. Catch your hair up into a rubber band or other device, and let the rest of your hair hang free. A ponytail gathered at the base of your neck and secured with a decorated barrette can make getting out the door a quick and simple affair. For an updo, put the ponytail on top of your head and then wrap your hair into a quick bun. Let a few tendrils hang free to frame your face for the artfully messy look.


When you think of your hair as an accessory, similar to your earrings or purses, you can have a lot of fun with it. Weave in or pin on brilliantly colored hairpieces, gather your hair into a ponytail, and let the colors intertwine with your own hair color. Or you can create bangs, either with your own hair or a hairpiece, and then use glitter hair gel to make your ponytail spiky and colorful.


Place your ponytail off-center.

An updo can be one of the most elegant and classy women's hairstyles for formal occasions. Black women can braid the sides of their hair into a pattern, catch the rest up into ponytail with hair or fabric wrapped around the base. The ponytail itself can either be styled with a cascade of curls, or hang down smooth and straight. Or attach a little bump piece to your hair just back from the hairline, pull all your hair back smoothly, even over the bump, and catch it into a ponytail at the back of your head. One long, smooth curl in the hair of the ponytail gives it an elegant sweep.