Black Hair Natural Styles

By Shavon Walker

African American women have an advantage in having naturally curly and/or wavy hair. Many black women relax their hair with chemicals or straighten it with heat. Unfortunately, chemicals and excessive heat can damage hair over time. Giving your hair a rest by wearing black hair natural styles is one way to keep it healthy between chemical treatments and heat styling.

A Brief History of Black Hair

1920s gradulation picture

According to, black people were taught to devalue their hair due to the politics of the culture around them. For instance, slaves who looked white and had straighter hair were given jobs inside the house instead of working in the fields. It was common for slave women to feel that their natural hair was undesirable, so they began to straighten it. In the radical 1960s, black natural hair became popular with the Afro and as a way to show cultural identity and pride.

Do the Twist

Twist and shout

Twists are a wonderful hairstyle for any length hair. They can be done with as little as one inch of hair. The hair is sectioned off, and each section is divided into two. The sections are then twisted around each other and secured. There are also double twist strands; for these, the strands are twisted alone, then twisted around each other. Short twists can hang free, while longer twists can be pulled back into a bun or even a ponytail. They can also be untwisted, leaving the hair in pretty corkscrew shapes. This is known as a twist out.

Braid It Up

Braiding process

If your hair has been damaged by chemicals and heat wearing it natural is a good option while it grows back. Braids are an excellent choice. This is because there is no brushing, combing or handling of the hair. The ways to braid hair are almost limitless; everything from simple French braids to classy single braids to elaborate box and weave braids can be done. The more work put into the style, the longer the hairstyle will last, and the better off your hair will be.