Cutting dough circles with cookie cutter
Sergio Amiti/Moment/GettyImages

Biscuits are a staple American breakfast food that you can make at home in no time. The only thing that may add confusion to your project is that most recipes require a specialized tool called a biscuit cutter. Luckily, you can use a number of standard household items as biscuit cutter substitutes.

What is a Biscuit Cutter?

Essentially, a biscuit cutter is just a special type of cookie cutter. While many cookie cutters are made in a variety of shapes, a biscuit cutter is simply round. Biscuit cutters come in a wide range of sizes, but all share the same shape. Anything that is round with a hollow center can theoretically be used to replace a biscuit cutter.

Large Cup

The rim of a large cup is one of the simplest biscuit cutter substitutes. Spray the rim with a little non-stick spray before using it to cut the rolled-out biscuit dough. It is possible that the biscuit, once it has been cut, could get stuck in the cup. Non-stick spray will help you avoid this problem.

Tuna Can

A tuna can is the same size and height as a real biscuit cutter. Thoroughly wash and dry an empty tuna can. Remove the bottom of the empty can so that you are left with a hollow ring. Use the can as you would use a biscuit cutter.

Canning Jar Ring

The rings that secure the tops onto mason jars are already hollow and ring-shaped. Choose one that matches the size of biscuit that you would like to make and use it as you would use a standard biscuit cutter.