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Springform pans are useful tools in the kitchen. The ability to remove the sides of the pan without disturbing the pastry inside can be the key to making an eye-appealing dessert. Removing certain baked goods, such as cakes and cheesecakes, can be tricky as the pastry sometimes sticks to the side or bottom of a pan. Using parchment paper to line the springform pan helps prevent sticking.

Disassemble the springform pan by unlatching the spring on the side and removing the bottom piece.

Place a piece of parchment paper over the bottom of the pan and cut a circular piece that is slightly smaller in circumference.

Measure the depth of the springform pan's sides using a ruler. Cut a strip of parchment paper slightly narrower than the sides of the pan and slightly longer then the circumference of the pan. For example, if using a 9-inch springform pan with a circumference of 29 inches, cut the strip to 30 inches long. Estimate the size of the pan if you're unsure -- you can always cut and use additional lengths of parchment paper.

Reassemble the springform pan. Check to make sure that the bottom piece is secure.

Place the circular parchment paper piece on the bottom of the pan. Set the thin strip of parchment paper along the sides -- the paper can overlap itself, if necessary.

Apply a small amount of vegetable oil spray over the surface of the parchment paper prior to adding your cake batter.


You can also take a large piece of parchment paper and press it into the inside of the springform pan. Press hard against the edges where the pan meets the bottom to ensure that your cake is the right shape. Cut away any excess paper from the top of the pan using scissors.