Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Pale Skin

By Judi Light Hopson

The color of your eyes and skin must figure into what works well for hair color. Individuals who have hazel eyes fit into two broad categories. Some have coloring referred to by aestheticians as fitting into the "warm" season, and some fit into the "cool" season. All individuals look good in specific shades of hair coloring and clothing matching their season. Those having hazel eyes with brown and gold flecks in the iris fit into the warm season. If you have hazel eyes with white, grey or blue flecks, this puts you in the cool season.

Young woman smiling, (close-up), (portrait)
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Some with hazel eyes need warm brown hair.

Hazel Eyes in Warm Season

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Blonde woman with hazel eyes

Enhancing hair color enlivens almost any individual. Those with hazel eyes in the warm season look best in hair shades involving reddish highlights and rich golden shades. Avoid extreme shades such as white, platinum, or black. Your skin in the warm season has peach or gold undertones. Your hair coloring should look "sunny" and literally warm in tone. Pale auburn, light golden brown and golden blonde look good with your hazel eyes.

Hair Color for Cool Season

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Woman with dark hair, fair skin

Hazel eyes fitting the cool season means your cheeks have no color or pink undertones. Choose hair color that doesn't have gold, yellow, red and bronze tones. These tones will make you look sallow and drawn. Choose light ash brown, ash blonde or platinum blond to harmonize with your light skin. Select hair colors that are soft and subdued. If your skin has enough color, you can wear chestnut brown or black. Pale skin and hazel eyes in the cool season with grey, white or blue flecks look best with a delicate shade that has no sunny-looking highlights.

Experiment with Semi-Permanent Color

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Woman getting her hair colored

You can't bleach your hair with semi-permanent hair color. You can only go darker. It only lasts for a few weeks, but you can remove most of it by extra shampooing if it's too dark. It's best to color your hair only one or two shades darker to see if it enhances your look. Permanent color can lighten the hair to any shade of blonde or light brown. If you bleach your hair or want red or golden highlights, it's best to pay a professional.

Fixing Color Mistakes

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Hair dye

Naturally warm people do not look good in trendier hair colors on the wild side. Do not use blues, violets, or jet black dyes if you are in this season. These colors will give you a corpse-like appearance. If your hair turns out too dark with permanent color you do at home, it will take a long time to correct it. No beautician case quickly fix bad coloring mistakes. Always save the box if you color yourself. A beautician must know what chemicals you used, or a professional correction can make color worse.

Strive for a Healthy Glow

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If your hazel eyes and pale skin make you look washed out, ask a colorist to help you choose hair shades even if you color at home. Makeup and clothes do factor into the look, but hair color is crucial. It's wise to pay for foiling, streaking and highlighting at a salon. You want to use color in ways that make you look vibrant and alive. The wrong shade of hair color can make you look tired.