Beauty Tips for Chubby Cheeks

By Yvonne Van Damme

Using cosmetics or changing a hairstyle can enhance facial features that you like and minimize those you don't. There are beauty tips to help girls with chubby cheeks make the most of them. Chubby cheeks may seem like a feature to hide, but they can give you a youthful look.

Eyeshadow and make-up brushes
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Use makeup to enhance chubby cheeks.


Woman with touching her hair
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Long hair suits round faces.

Avoid short hair if possible. Hair that is medium length or longer tends to be more flattering. Longer hair can minimize chubby cheeks and make the face appear longer. Avoid hair that is all one length. Add layers to the medium length haircut so that it frames the face.


Eye shadow, blusher and lip gloss set with brush, close up
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Use blush.

Use highlighter on your face to make the cheekbones look higher, which minimizes chubby cheeks. Use it in place of heavier brush or just above blush. Both cream or powder highlighter works. Using a finger or blush brush apply light highlighter on the area just above the cheekbones. It will give the skin a shimmery look in that area.


Woman applying makeup foundation
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Contour with make-up.

Contour the cheeks to make them look less chubby. A darker color underneath the cheekbones, sculpts them and makes the face look slimmer. Use a darker color of foundation or a bronzing powder and apply it underneath the cheekbones. Blend it in so that there is not a dark line. Apply a light pink or peach blush on the cheekbones just above it.


Woman's bangs being trimmed
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Adding bangs to any hairstyle can make your face look slimmer. Avoid heavy, straight bangs. They just emphasize chubby cheeks. Use side-swept bangs to minimize chubby cheeks. Side-swept bangs should sweep across the forehead without totally covering it. Get the bangs cut at an angle.