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Developing a human resource plan for the backstage portion of a fashion show ensures every detail, large and small, is successfully completed. A fashion show is a hub of activity with models, designers, stylists, volunteer, staff and support staff roaming the halls. The most famous fashion shows are staged in the fashion hubs of Paris, New York and Milan. But hosting a fashion show in your city or town is an ideal way of promoting local designers.

Hair and Makeup

Hair stylists and makeup technicians polish up models before the fashion show. The hair styling team makes sure each model has hair that makes her look gorgeous, but also ensures each hairstyle is within the vision of the event stylist. Makeup technicians provide stage makeup support, while also coordinating the makeup with the artistic vision of the creative team.

Wardrobe Assistants, Stylists

Wardrobe assistants prepare outfits for models. They also make sure everything, from accessories to outfits, are appropriately assembled and ready for models to jump into before walking down the runway. Pressing, steaming and hemming clothes are other responsibilities for wardrobe assistants. Stylists oversee wardrobe assistants, and are responsible for the artistic style and direction of the show. Stylists source clothes and work with designers through the development of the focus of the show.


Runners perform all kinds of duties backstage at a fashion show. Assign a few runners for each of the individual teams, such as hair, makeup, clothes, media, volunteer management. Provide them with cell phones, beepers or walkie-talkies so that they can communicate with you, and each other. The runners can perform all kinds of last-minute and unexpected on-site and off-site errands.

Media Management

Members of the media want access to models and VIPs during fashion shows, so assigning staff and volunteers to act as a media team is a critical role. Ideally, these individuals should have a background in public relations or communications, and have strong organizational skills. Managing media is a fast-paced role, and any media representatives should be properly equipped with press kits and effective marketing tools.