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Emus are amongst the largest birds native to Australia. The majestic birds provide a valuable oil for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. However there has been some question whether emu oil is worth the harm that is done to the birds in the process of extracting the oil from their bodies.

What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is developed from the prehistoric Emu. The hypoallergenic oil is applied topically to skin for its many benefits. It has been benefiting the Aborigines for centuries to heal their wounds. Emu oil contains beneficial vitamins A and E both antioxidants and skin remedies. Another significant ingredient in emu oil is the oleic acid used to increase skin cell turnover. It also has terpines, which are commonly used to prevent infections.

Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu oil has anti-bacterial agents making it a good ointment to prevent infection on open wounds. The oil is useful for prevention of scarring as well. It is also a good anti-inflammatory skin care product to give relief from rashes, canker and bed sores. Beyond that it moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores.

People suffering from arthritis also use it to relieve their joint pain. Finally, the unfortunate people who are plagued with severe nosebleeds can apply emu oil along their nasal passage to prevent and reduce nosebleeds.

Emus Are Killed

Emus are unfortunately killed to produce the emu oil. However, the emus are also killed for their meat. Many emu farmers raise and slaughter the animals then the byproducts are then used for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes.

How Is It Extracted?

After the emus are full grown, the oil is located in sack like form underneath the fat of the emu's back. It is then often refined to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria from the emu left in the oil. It is often added to creams, lotions or bottled alone to be sold on the market.

Future of Emus

Most emu farmers justify the killing of the emus because it is not killed just for the emu oil but also for its lean meat. There is not much opposition for the killing of emus only because they have so many healthy and beneficial uses. Emus only seem to growing in popularity and appear on the path of becoming a staple in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.