By Brittney Horwitz

Concealer is a skin-colored cream that goes on top of a blemish or pimple to help hide it. However, concealer may cause you to break out further by clogging your pores. Alternative options are available.

Tinted moisturizer is one way to cover a blemish without using concealer.

Sulfur Cream

Sulfur cream is a drying solution that comes in a light yellow shade and is applied straight over the pimple or blemish. It is not meant to match your skin tone the way concealer does. The color acts to negate the redness of the pimple so it is much less obvious, while the cream itself dries out the acne so it can heal faster.


One of the causes for breakouts is germs or sweat that sit on the face and are absorbed by the skin. After you have cleaned your face to remove the pore-clogging matter, foundation that closely matches your skin tone can hide the blemish. Foundation often comes in a liquid form so it is lighter on your pimple but still provides some coverage.

Mineral Makeup

Although mineral makeup looks similar to standard makeup, it treats the skin in a much gentler way. Mineral makeup comes in all different forms, such as lipstick, eye shadow and concealer, but it is not your typical chemical-filled concealer. The mineral makeup is made from natural ingredients and has a lighter texture than standard heavy concealer, so you can use their concealer without the same fears of clogged pores. Just like regular concealer, it comes in a variety of shades.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer acts to condition the skin and improve its feel, making it refreshed and smooth, while providing coverage for blemishes as well. Rather than simply blending into your skin like a regular moisturizer, tinted moisturizer comes in different colors to match your skin tone and leaves a thin layer of that color behind, even after it has been rubbed in.