Airbrush Makeup Tips

By H.C. Hisel

Airbrush makeup may be a little time consuming but the results are flawless. It creates a perfectly even complexion, as if you had a whole new layer of skin. Professional makeup artists have used airbrush makeup to achieve the look of perfection in magazines for a long time now. Recently airbrush kits have now become available for personal use. A few tips will greatly help you in your journey as airbrush makeup is not like any other makeup you've worked with.

Prepare Skin

Preparing your skin before applying airbrush makeup is essential. Wash your face and apply a light moisturizer to smooth out your skin. Airbrush makeup easily clumps so even the slightest dry patches on your skin will be accentuated by the makeup. If your skin is oily you can use a pH-balancing toner instead of a moisturizer.

Clean Airbrush Tools

Cleaning your airbrush equipment thoroughly is necessary to ensure the makeup flows through the nozzle evenly. Each airbrush gun is a bit different so refer to your manual for more specific instructions. Each gun has a small compartment that holds the liquid makeup , and the compartment should be perfectly clean before each use. The entire nozzle should also be cleaned out to avoid hardened makeup clogging your gun. Filling the makeup compartment with warm water will help breakdown any clogged or hardened makeup. Spray the gun so that the water can clean out any makeup left within the nozzle. In addition, you should always test spray some makeup on your hand before each use to make sure it's spraying out evenly.

Spraying Your Airbrush Gun

How you hold and work with your gun is the biggest factor on how your airbrush makeup will turn out. The tip of the gun should always be 6 to10 inches away from your skin. While airbrushing makeup onto your skin you should move at a quick side-to-side motion. To avoid blotchy areas of uneven makeup never end an airbrush motion directly over the skin; rather, continue each motion about an inch beyond the skin in mid air.