About Born Shoes

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Born Shoes is a manufacturer of casual leather boots, shoes and sandals for women and men. The company prides itself on the styling, craftsmanship and comfort of its footwear.

Fashionable women's brown and black sandals
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About Born Shoes


Born Shoes began in 1995 with the desire to fulfill a need for comfortable yet stylish footwear.

Opanka Construction

Born Shoes uses the "Opanka" construction technique for making most of its footwear. This old European method of shoe making involves hand-sewing the upper part of the shoe, sock lining and outsole at one time with double-needle stitching.


Born Shoes manufactures boots, sandals, heels, flats and clogs for women.


Born Shoes manufactures boots, tailored shoes, sports shoes and sandals for men.


Born Shoes will begin manufacturing children's shoes in 2010.

O Club

The O Club allows individuals to sign up to receive emailed updates about Born Shoes and the latest styles, news and special events.