Some bodybuilders get puffy nipples, which can be due to a condition called gynecomastia, where the accumulation of glandular tissue is focused under the areola and can sometimes extend to make the areola appear dome-shaped. This can also be due to the bodybuilder using anabolic steroids. Steroids contain high levels of testosterone, which are in turn converted to estrogen. Gynecomastia can only be remedied by surgery, while puffy nipples caused by excess fat and estrogen can be remedied by targeted exercises that will help remove excess fat and make the chest look flat and firm.

Regular Dips

Regular dips can be done at home using two sturdy chairs with the backs facing each other and the chairs a few feet apart so you can stand between them. Place your arms at the top of the chair backs, cross your legs at the ankles and start lifting and lowering your body using your arms. Aim to do three to fours sets of five to 10 repetitions.

This exercise targets your chest and your arms. If you cannot go much lower, you can do the dips by placing a box under you where your knees can land when you lower your body. Alternatively, you can lower yourself and then stand up instead of using your arms to lift your body up.

Body Weight Fly

Body weight fly is another exercise targeting your chest and your arms and shoulders. This will help to make your chest firmer and flatter. Fold an old towel so it will be thicker and use this to cushion your knees as you kneel down. Put a dust rag under each hand and position yourself like you are going to do pushups. Cross your legs at the ankles, with your arms supporting your weight, elbows straight and leaning slightly forward. Slowly lower your upper torso by slowly sliding your arms out, using the dust rags so you can slide your hands smoothly out to the sides. Keep your elbows straight as you bring your chest down to the floor. When your chest has touched the floor, bring your hands close to your sides with your elbows bent and then straighten your elbows so you can bring your body up to the original position. You can do the body weight fly exercise twice a week with three to four sets of eight repetitions.

Workout Tips

Start doing the exercises to firm up your chest once a week for at least four weeks before you begin to do the exercises twice a week. Allow at least two days in between workouts. Do different lower chest exercises aside from the ones mentioned here so that your body will get additional benefits from other exercises.

Lean slightly forward instead of looking straight ahead when doing regular dips so that you can work on your lower chest muscles more. Using barbells and dumbbells for other chest and arms exercises will increase resistance, burn more fat, and build and firm up your chest muscles faster.


Unless you have gynecomastia, which requires surgery to correct, the best way to get rid of puffy nipples is a change in diet as you exercise to shape and firm up your pectoral muscles. If your puffy nipples are caused by estrogen and fat buildup, then eliminating fat and estrogen-rich foods will be very helpful.

Avoid eating junk foods that contain chemicals and saturated fats. Consume ice cream, cheese, butter and chocolate and food with coconut oil and palm kernel oil in moderation if you cannot totally avoid them. Avoid foods that are rich in estrogenic compounds, which includes papaya, dairy products and meat. Add foods that are testosterone-rich, such as broccoli, berries, beans and garlic.