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What to Look For

The best hair growth shampoos often include a combination of treatment types. There are four main types of treatment for over-the-counter hair growth: DHT Inhibitors, antiandroginens, growth stimulants, and anti-inflammatories. Shampoos mostly contain antiandroginens and anti-inflammatories, which will help to thicken the hair that currently exists. There are few actual shampoos on the market; there is a wide variety of other products, ranging from pills, foams, topical sprays and lotions, depending on the stage and type of hair loss. Some name brands to look for include Nizoral, Revivogen, Nioxin, Folicure, Prograine, Tricomin and DS Labs Revita Hair Growth Shampoo. Look for other products that include DHT Inhibitors, which will remove DHT from accumulating within the hair follicles. Growth stimulants will help the hair follicles to produce new growth.

Common Pitfalls

Hair-loss products are best used in combination and over the long run, often taking one to two years or more to achieve the best results. Since hair-loss and hair-growth products contain potent chemicals and enzymes, any allergic reactions or side effects should be monitored. Some products with a high dosage of DHT Inhibitors or antiandroginens may need to be swapped out for other products with a lesser dosage. Hair-growth products, such as Rogaine, are also known to cause facial hair growth for women. Other products, such as Propecia, have as their main purpose to prevent further hair loss.

Where to Buy

Hair-loss and hair-growth products can be found at the common drugstore or pharmacy. Many, if not most, of the products can also be found on line, where comparison shopping can help to find the best deals as well as alternative products with higher or lesser dosages of certain active ingredients. Specific websites include Hair Loss Talk and Folica, both of which offer a wide variety of treatment types as well as information about hair loss.


A typical bottle of hair-growth shampoo may cost up to $30. However, it is important to consider what the cost will be over the duration of one to two years. Additionally, other products may be used to supplement the hair growth functions of the shampoo or to help thicken existing hair, which will add to the cost.


Other accessories may include the use of a laser comb, which functions as a growth stimulant. The laser comb is FDA approved and has been tested and proven to stimulate new hair growth as well as to improve the appearance of existing hair. Many salons have a more expensive version of the same technology. Concealers, such as Toppik, help to provide an immediate spray-on, thickening effect on remaining hair. Other concealers, such as COUVRe, help to color and hide the appearance of skin that occurs with thinning hair and hair loss.