Woman with long hair showing a hair powder
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If you have hair prone to dryness, you probably know you can't wash it all the time; even moisturizing shampoos can strip it of natural oils and make your dryness problem worse. Still, you may need something to make your hair look and smell fresh. Dry shampoos and similar home remedies may be applied to dry hair to pull out grease and dirt. Once you brush or shake them out, you have hair that looks freshly shampooed.

Remove any hair ties or hair accessories. Spread a towel out on the floor to catch falling product.

Sprinkle about a tablespoon of the dry shampoo, baby powder, cornstarch or oatmeal into your scalp, near the roots. Use only one type of product, not a tablespoon of each. Dab at your hair to help the powder absorb hair grease and oil. If you're using an aerosol, aim the spray at your hair's roots and spray a light coating.

Comb the product through your hair to help evenly distribute it.

Flip your head upside down and shake out the excess powder.

Check for any remaining grease or oil. Repeat the treatment if necessary, then style as usual.


Dry shampoos typically don't work for more than two or three days before you'll need to shampoo normally.

Commercial aerosol dry shampoos are available for purchase.


Powders can make your floor very slippery and create a serious fall risk. Clean up any excess powder right away.