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Thin and sparse eyelashes can draw attention away from your gorgeous eyes. Luckily, topical treatments and good lifestyle choices can help your eyelashes grow back faster and fuller. In the meantime, you can use mascara to enhance the appearance of your lashes. If you have lost your eyelashes unexpectedly, you should speak to your doctor. Certain medical conditions and drugs can cause sudden hair loss. The underlying problem may have to be treated before normal eyelash growth can resume.

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Eat a well-balanced diet. Your nutritional needs should be met to ensure healthy hair growth on all areas of your body. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins.

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Take a daily multivitamin supplement. If you are not receiving enough nutrients for proper hair growth from food sources, take a daily multivitamin.

Try an over-the-counter conditioning treatment. Products like RevitaLash or LiLash contain a mixture of ingredients used to speed up how quickly your lashes grow. Each night, apply the conditioner to the base of the lashes. You may need to wait several weeks to months until you notice fuller and longer eyelashes.

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Swap out regular mascara for one with a lash conditioner. Look for new generation mascaras that contain a special lipid complex or lash conditioners that promote lash growth while you're wearing it.

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Visit a doctor who can prescribe Latisse. Latisse is the first FDA-approved eyelash growth enhancer. You can enter your zip code on the Latisse website in order to locate a doctor in your area. Each night, move the wand across the base of your upper eyelashes only. Blot away any excess with a clean towel.


Eyelash growth products do have potential side effects. Redness and irritation may occur if the topical solution gets in the eyes. Other possible side effects are itching, skin discoloration and abnormal eyelash growth.


Never use false eyelashes when you are trying to speed up the growth of your natural lashes. Removal can pull out your real eyelashes and inhibit growth.