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Acne blemishes and scars can take away from your outward appearance, making you self-conscious despite all the over-the-counter treatments available. Natural ways to eliminate acne and scarring normally involve topical treatments. However, diet and exercise play a key role in the appearance of skin. Your skin requires collagen to heal and stay youthful, requiring a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, just as your muscles do.

Wear light, loose fitting clothing for your work out. Heavy clothes trap sweat and sweat aids in bacterial growth when left on the skin for long periods of time. According to My FDA, nylon and spandex are not ideal fabrics for exercising. Cotton is a lighter and more breathable fabric.

Choose a routine that you enjoy, such as jogging or weight lifting. This will help you stay consistent with your workouts, making it less likely that you will skip regular sessions. According to Body Building.com, it is important that you keep hydrated during your workout. Adequate water intake replenishes lost moisture and vitamins during exercise and cleanses the body of harmful toxins and bacteria.

Opt for yoga or meditative exercise to de-stress. Stress causes a hormonal imbalance in the body, increasing risk of acne flare-ups and impairing your body’s ability to properly heal. According to My FDA, ideal gentle exercises for stress relief include yoga and Pilates.

Increase blood circulation with regular aerobic activity. Aerobics speed up the heart rate, increasing blood flow to the skin. This, in turn, boosts skin cell production and collagen fiber formation.

Shower to cleanse sweat off your body after every exercise session. This will also remove bacteria, dead skin cells and excess sebum that can inhibit acne and scar healing, while also stopping breakouts. According to My FDA, you may wash off if you do not have the time for a proper shower and should blot your skin dry rather than rub. Rubbing can aggravate skin conditions.