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Skin on the legs and other areas may become loose over time due to weight or muscle loss. As the body ages, the skin does, too. It loses its elasticity, making it difficult for the skin to tighten on its own. However, the skin on your legs can tighten and appear youthful again using several techniques. With persistence and patience, you can wear shorts and skirts again without feeling self-conscious about your legs.

Create an exercise program to tighten leg muscles. Building muscles in your legs will make them appear tighter. Do squats, lunges, climb stairs and jump rope to get your legs in their best shape.

Exfoliate your legs on a daily basis. Removing dead skin will make your skin look better by balancing skin growth and circulation.

Apply a skin tightener cream or regular moisturizer to the skin daily. Soy protein, aloe vera extract and yeast extract are used in skin-tightening products to firm the skin.

Keep your legs looking their best. Even with loose skin, the appearance will look much worse if legs are not taken care of. For example, women should keep their legs shaved and smooth to appear more youthful.

Allow your legs to firm up over time. Skin does not get loose quickly, so do not expect your legs to firm up over night. It may take up to two years to see the best results using these techniques.