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The technical name for "man boobs" is gynecomastia, which is caused by a hormonal imbalance where testosterone levels are decreased and estrogen levels are increased. The condition is most common in teenage boys going through puberty. According to Medline Plus, most cases of teenage gynecomastia resolve within a few months without treatment. Other causes of gynecomatia include certain medications, alcohol and illicit drugs, obesity, cirrhosis, certain cancers and malnutrition. Surgical treatment is generally reserved for cases that do not resolve on their own. You can hide your chest by choosing the right clothing to camouflage your breasts.

Wrap a gauze bandage tightly around your chest but not too tight as to cause pain. Use enough gauze to flatten your chest, but avoid the lumpy look associated with using too much gauze. If you do not have gauze, use an ankle bandage wrap instead.

Wear a tight T-shirt or a chest binder undershirt underneath your regular shirt. A chest binder undershirt is made of reinforced cloth that compresses your chest to make it look flat.

Wear a sleeved over-shirt that is one size too large for you. A larger shirt helps hide a chest. Your shirt should have either short or long sleeves. Do not wear a tank top because the armpit area of a sleeveless shirt does not fully cover the sides of your chest.

Choose dark-colored shirts. Dark colors make your chest area look slimmer.

Experiment with patterned shirts. Sometimes shirts imprinted with a complex pattern camouflage a swollen chest.

Pick shirts that have a high neckline instead of a V-neckline. A V-neck points down toward your chest area and brings the focus to the area.

Put on a sweater, vest or jacket over your shirt if you need extra concealment.

Refrain from wearing necklaces, which bring attention to your chest area.