Unfortunately, trying to lose weight can be one of the most frustrating and disheartening journeys to go on. There are often feelings of self-doubt and discontent when you don't see the progress you've hoped for; it can definitely eat away at your emotions. This can only exacerbate the goal at-hand by raising your cortisol (stress hormone) levels which debilitate weight loss.

Instead of letting feelings of stress and anxiousness takeover, arm yourself with confidence and self love. Seriously. It truly is amazing what a little positive thinking can do, which is why I'm sharing how body positivity and self love are actually the most powerful weight loss tools you have.

Self love = Less negative mental chatter

Being in a negative headspace can take up so much time and energy in your mind that before you know it, it’s taken over your entire day, making it more difficult to arrange healthy choices. When you start to focus on what makes your body feel good, you'll start to feel a shift within yourself. All of the energy you were previously spending with negative thought processes will slowly disappear. Suddenly, making those healthy choices won't seem so "mundane" because you'll have a better mind-body connection, knowing that the healthier option feels better on all accounts.

Positive thoughts create positive actions

When you’re working on seeing the glass half full versus half empty, it’s bound to become an action-oriented practice versus strictly mental. Look at your body each day and tell yourself how beautiful you are, and embrace every part of yourself. You may not believe it at first but happiness, positivity, and giving yourself the benefit of the doubt is contagious. Once you start to embrace this mindset and love your body in all its forms, you’ll probably start to see a difference within yourself inside and out. You might remember this from The Beginner's Guide To Manifestation.

Say goodbye to body comparison

Having a healthier relationship with your body can only lead to less comparison to others. In a world where social media rules, it’s way too easy to get sucked into a hole and compare yourself to every person you follow. But remember, social media is (generally) only the highlight reel and the use of PhotoShop and FaceTune is all-too common.

If you find yourself only following certain accounts so you can compare yourself to them, click the unfollow button! Surround yourself only with those you admire, but also those who inspire and offer the kind of encouragement you need to move forward. The sooner you can do this for yourself, the sooner you’ll be able focus on your journey instead of comparing your body and progress to that of others.

Create a lifestyle

One of the biggest things to think about when embarking on a weight loss journey is making sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Sure, you want to eat healthy and workout consistently, but making body positivity and self love part of your new lifestyle as well will only help keep you in the best state of mind. It will change your outlook on morning spin class and zucchini noodles for dinner from "restrictive" to "loving."