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Aroma beads are tiny plastic items that can absorb fragrance oil and color. Aroma beads can be used for many different things around a home. They also have medicinal properties if made with essential oils, because their fragrance has aroma therapy benefits. Aroma beads absorb scents and give off strong aromas to the air around them. They are stronger than potpourri and safer than candles because there is no flame.

As an Air Freshener

Aroma beads can be placed in open jars and then placed in drawers, closets and lockers as an effective air freshener. They are also useful for freshening shoes and gym bags, and to keep luggage from developing stale odors when packed away. Aroma beads can also be placed in a bowl or jar and set in a room as an air freshener.

Create Unique Blends

Aroma beads come in many different colors, ranging from clear to pastel to bright. Different scents and colors of aroma beads can be mixed to create interesting combinations of scents. Clear aroma beads can also be bought; these beads can be scented and colored as desired. When aroma beads are mixed according to your individual desires, you can create a scent that is uniquely your own.

Aroma Beads as Gifts

Aroma beads can be used as promotional items or gifts for businesses to give their clients. Aroma beads are also popular party, wedding or shower favors. When aroma beads are placed in attractive organza bags, their scents float through the mesh of the organza and give off a delightful scent.

Making Your Own Aroma Beads

Aroma beads can be made easily at home. To scent aroma beads, add 4 oz. aroma beads to a lidded jar. Add the desired fragrance oil and stir the aroma beads. Seal the jar and shake well. Allow the beads to set in the sealed jar for approximately 48 hours so that the fragrance oil can saturate the beads. If more fragrance oil is used, the curing time should be extended. Candle dye can also be added to color the aroma beads if desired.

Refreshing Aroma Beads

Aroma beads can be refreshed when their scent fades. Place the beads in a glass jar, add the desired fragrance oil and shake them well. Leave the aroma beads in the sealed jar for several days, shaking them periodically. After the time has elapsed, they can be used in whatever air-freshening way that is desired. This refreshening technique will replenish the scent of the aroma beads a few times; then they will have to be discarded.