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Though loose hair and braids are popular hairstyles, dreadlocks are common among those with natural hair and those who like a more natural look. Dreadlocks are twisted pieces of hair that are left uncombed as they grow until they lock together. They can be kept short or grown long and they can be curly, straight or colored. If hair within the locks becomes frizzy and lifts up off of the scalp, there are steps you can take to make it flat.

Wash your locks every week while wearing a nylon cap. The shampoo and conditioner should permeate the cap and you can scrub through it. Rinse your locks well so that they can dry evenly. Remove the locks from the cap for drying purposes.

Dry your locks thoroughly. Shake and squeeze the water out of your locks. Then, cover your head with a towel and squeeze as much of the water out as possible. Leaving your locks wet will cause mildew to form inside of them.

Roll your locks, twisting them clockwise between your palms. Once your locks are completely dry, add some wax and roll them between your palms again, twisting them from the roots. Wax them again every two to three days and roll them so that they do not stick out or get too puffy.

Tie a nylon cap around your head when sleeping, pulling it tight so that it keeps your locks pressed down. You can also wear a cap when you are in casual settings. When you remove the caps, your curly locks should remain flat.