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Hammering in the ears can be caused by an ear condition called tinnitus. This condition causes noise in the ear, which can at times be a buzzing sound or a banging/hammering noise. The severity of the noise is different in each case, but the patient suffers nonetheless due to its effects. There are two types of tinnitus, one in which noise is heard in the ear, and one in which it is heard in the head. Ear tinnitus can have more than one cause.

Exposure to Very Loud Noise

The structure of the human ear is very complex, with extremely small sensitive parts. Small tubes in the middle and inner ear will become affected by loud, harsh noise such as that from a construction site or rock concert. It's the vibrations of the sound that hurt the ear's internal structure and cause the tinnitus condition. It isn't uncommon for machine operators, factory workers and welders to develop tinnitus in their middle ages due to years of exposure to loud noise.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss itself can be a cause of tinnitus. Deficiency in the ear's ability to hear increases the possibility of developing the condition. Unfortunately, hearing loss can also be an effect. The constant noise from tinnitus tends to block out other sounds in the affected person's environment.

Ear Infections and Other Wounds

A fungus infection in the ear is not uncommon in humid regions. If the infection goes untreated, or mistreated, the chance of tinnitus increases. Other wounds or injury to the ear can affect the many delicate parts of the ear, which are easily impaired. Major head injuries also can cause the hammering sound associated with tinnitus because sound-identifying nerves are attached inside of your head.

Mental Abnormality and Medicinal Side Effects

When a person with a mental abnormality hears a hammering sound, or voices that are unwarranted, it may be a function of a psychological disorder, such as schizophrenia. Because the patients are not conscious of their problem, they are often difficult to treat. Certain medications also can cause ear noises; aspirin is one of them. Tinnitus also can be an initial symptom of other serious conditions, such as brain tumors, cancer and high blood pressure.