Vibrant Fall Floral & Fruit Arrangement

We teamed up with Veronica Valencia of The Design Hunters to show you how to make the fall centerpiece of your dreams. This beautiful bouquet is full of bright, lush flowers and the season's favorite fruit (pomegranates!). This arrangement is great to keep at home for no occasion, or for the biggest occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Watch the above for the full step-by-step!

You'll Need:

Hydrangeas Orange orchids Pomegranates Oranges, optional Dahlias Privet berries


1. Prep by removing floral leaves 2. Create a grid by using hydrangeas, cross stems back & fourth to secure base (arrange evenly!) 3. Add orange orchids Continue turning bouquet to ensure it's even 4. Add bright fillers in varying heights 5. Add fruit: Stick skewers through pomegranates (+ oranges) & insert throughout bouquet Fill holes with dahlias & privet berries _Pairs well with_a table full of greens, whites, blush and brass!

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