By Nicole Fotheringham

Trout are a delicious addition to any meal. Known for their tasty and tender meat, the trout is easy to prepare as it is not a bony fish. Trout are covered in a slimy layer that protects the fish from fungus and infection. The slimy outer layer makes it more difficult to handle the fish. If you are cooking with fresh fish, start by removing the slimy layer to help expedite the cleaning process.

Search for fresh river trout to make the tastiest trout dishes.
Use fresh, cold water when cleaning your trout.

Fill a container of bucket with enough water to completely cover the trout.

Using sea salt is best, although regular salt will also do the trick.

Add 1 tsp. sea salt per gallon of water. Mix the salt until it has dissolved.

Step 3

Place the trout into the bucket and lightly rub the skin to remove the slimy residue. Rinse in clean water when done.