Whether you’re going out or staying in, a bun is the perfect way to tie your hair back. Here we’re showing you how to make one sleek and sophisticated, and another casual and effortless. Work that up-do!

Chic for Night
1. Start with freshly brushed hair
2. Flip hair over & brush tight into a ponytail at crown of your head
3. Fasten elastic securely around pony
4. Hold ponytail from the top, back comb at base, twist ponytail & wrap into tight bun
5. Adjust, pin, spray comb & smooth flyaways

Casual for Day
1. Flip hair over & finger comb
2. Loosesly pull hair into a pony at the crown of your head
3. Sit back up, twist pony & wrap into a bun
4. Secure with bobby pin

  • Anna Jin

    My hair is too long, it is through my butt, what should I do ?????