Spicy Avocado BLT

The BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) is one of the most classic sandwiches out there. In true LEAF fashion, we decided to turn it up a notch by adding a spicy avocado mash. BLT's are the perfect weekend lunch (or even week night dinner!).

Here's how you make it:


1/2 avocado 1 tbsp mayo Hot sauce 2 slices of hearty bread (we used ciabatta) Butter Romaine lettuce, washed Tomatoes, sliced Turkey (sliced to your preferred thickness) Bacon, fried S + P


1. In a bowl, mix: avocado, mayo, a few drops of hot sauce, S + P then set aside 2. Toast 2 pieces of bread 3. Fry 3-5 slices of bacon 4. Butter your toast, then generously spread the avocado mash 5. Start to assemble your sandwich: lettuce, turkey, tomato & bacon 6. ENJOY!

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