Sous-Vide Salmon with Flowering Thyme

This salmon dish is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser - tons of flavor, gorgeous presentation, and WAY easier than you think.


  • Raw salmon - Small bunch of dil, chopped - Zest of 1 lemon - 1-2 tsp flowering thyme, chopped - 2-3 tbsp butter - Ziploc bag


s: 1. Salt and pepper raw salmon 2. Add pieces of salmon to a Ziploc bag 3. Add butter, herbs, zest, and juice of lemon to bag 4. Massage it all together 5. Heat water to 150 degrees 6. Simmer in bag for 12 minutes, make sure salmon stays submerged! 7. Remove bag from water 8. Plate, drizzle sauce, top with dill 9. Voilà! This video was made in collaboration with the wonderfully talented LA-based chef, caterer and party planner, Annie Campbell - visit her blog at:

Après Fête.