Ice Cream Topping Bar

Nothing is a bigger crowd pleaser than ice cream, mix that with a top-notch dessert bar and you've got yourself a seriously impressive party. We teamed up with Electrolux to share our best tips on creating the ultimate Ice Cream Topping Bar. It's a great option for holidays, special occasions or simply Saturday night with the girls.

Here's how it's done:

  1. The Set-Up: Start with a blank slate and add the following to your table: large serving bowl for ice cream and vessels varyng in height and size for the toppings. We broke ours into groups such as: liquid toppings, classic toppings, and festive toppings. Keep dry ice at the bottom of your ice cream bowl to prevent it from melting, and a mini candle or kerosene heaters underneath anything that should be warm (sauces).
  2. The Treats: Hot espresso, scotch, bourbon caramel sauce, fleur de sel, festive sprinkles, shortbread cookies, crushed candied almonds, kettle corn, macarons, sliced fruit, white and dark chocolate bark.
  3. The Finishing Touches: Add name cards to each vessel and create a "toppings suggestion" menu board for your guests. Such as: scotch & pepper, fleur de sel & bourbon caramel sauce, etc. Finish the table with some glittery ornaments to polish it off.

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