How To Wallpaper

Switch up your decor this year by adding some vibrant wallpaper to your room. We added the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel Martinique wallpaper to Domaine Home & WhoWhatWear co-founder Katherine Power's powder room. Small space, big statement!


INSPECT YOUR WALLPAPER: 1. Unroll & check for holes, correct colors & size PREP WALLS 1. Make sure walls are clean, smooth, sanded & primed 2. Measure and map walls using paper & pencil as your guide READY TO START: 1. Cut paper into strips, leaving a few inches top & bottom to trim (use wall height as benchmark) 2. With roller, apply premixed vinyl adhesive. TIP Make sure glued side never comes in contact with the patterned side of the paper 4. Use level to make sure first strip is straight. 5. Remove air bubbles with smoothing tool 6. Align patterns carefully & close with seam roller (to help edge lay flat) 7. Trim edges with a sharp razor blade - carefully! 8. Go over entire paper with moist sponge (to remove any glue) 9. Repeat - change blades frequently to stay sharp TIP When going around corners, carefully cut paper & tuck CLEAN IT UP! 1. Cut all trims 2. Go over with moist sponge again DONE! Visit Domaine Home for shopping, style & inspiration for the home!

Wallpaper applied by LA-based professional Mark Specht.