Side Table Makeover

Looking to renew that piece of furniture you picked up on a budget years ago, or the side table you grabbed from a garage sale because you knew you could 'make it work'? Good news, you can! We teamed up with SVZ Interior Design to show you how to makeover any wood piece of furniture. Have fun and get creative! Show us your final projects on Instagram by tagging #LEAFtv! 1. Pick a peice of furniture that's still in-tact that needs some TLC 2. With a mouse sander, make circular motions on wide surfaces & straight swipes on small surfaces. For ornate details, change the sander head! 3. Check your work, then wipe with a damp cloth 4. Apply a coat of primer & allow to dry completely 5. Apply 2 coats of a base color (we chose Tangerine Dream!) 6. Paint the trim with a gold leaf color (2 coats!) 7. Tape off the top to create a pattern 8. Paint over the tape with coral to seal the color & let dry 9. Apply 2-3 coats of white on the top & allow the paint to completely dry 10. Peel tape & touch up with a small angled brush