Distressed Denim In 4 Easy Steps

Distressing your own denim has never been so easy. Ready, set, go!

You'll Need:

  • Razor - Cardstock - Pencil - Block - Sandpaper - Scissors - DENIM!


1. SLICE: Find your knee placement by folding each leg to the zipper then mark with a pencil where the folds are. Place cardstock inside the jeans behind the knee. Press firmly with razor blade and cut horizonal lines, leave 1/4" in between cuts. Continue making small cuts on front pocket, back pocket & belt loop 2. CUT: Cut the bottom back hem about 1/4" from the bottom. 3. SAND: Wrap sandpaper around block and heavily sand in areas where distress is desired 4. WASH & DRY This DIY was in collab with our friend & jewelry designer, Sophie Monet.