Having company? Incorporating a dessert table is a cute way to get everyone together, mingle and eat! There are a few staple tips, but you can adjust the color palette pending the event or time of year; this particularly palette is great for Valentine’s Day. We teamed up with our friends at Chlo+E Dessert Tables to show you how it’s done:

1. Choose a color palette
2. Pick a table cloth & 5-8 trays & jars (depending on guest count)
3. Place a 4-6 foot table against a simple backdrop
4. Place linen on table, your main center piece & arrange other tableware around it
TIP: Taller vessels in the back & lower ones in front
5. Use wrapping paper to line plates for pops of color
6. Fill jars and plates with dessert and candies in complimenting colors.
7. Use: Sweet, sour, gummy and baked goodies!
8. Decorate small ‘take home’ bags

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