Does the thought of handling a whole fish, eyes and all, creep you out? We know how you feel. Until… culinary genius, Aliza of The Poppyseed Agency, showed us how it’s done. We promise, it’s not that scary!

1. Rinse inside and out
2. Descale with back of knife
3. Pat dry with paper towel
4. With a sharp knife, cut off head and tail
5. Find the backbone and slice the fish from head to tip while pressing down & away from the backbone
6. After initial slice, free meat from the backbone
7. Repeat on other side
8. Smooth out the filets to make sure they are free of bones

  • Leshne Donna

    The use of the word butcher is incorrect, the fish is already dead. You are filleting the carcass. The title should be how to fillet and de-bone a fish. Butchering is the process whereby a live animal is killed for consumption.

  • Ah you’re right! Thank you for your note.