How To Build The Perfect Macro Bowl

Welcome to Fit Kitchen – where we’re sharing healthy, nutrient-dense recipes to compliment an active lifestyle, in-part with Sam Negrin, All Good Health founder & resident LEAF girl. Inspired by well+good, one of our favorite LA restaurants, M Café, and how generally amazing macrobiotic meals make us feel - we decided to share how you can build a (really) filling, delicious and healthy bowl all by yourself. What is a macrobiotic diet? Rooted in Japan, it calls for a plant-based diet of whole, cooked, organic foods to help reduce toxins in the body; it's an attempt to balance the yin and yang elements of food. It can get pretty scientific, there's a great breakdown of the elements here. Whether you're doing a macrobiotic diet or not, this bowl is GOOD. It's literally loaded with amazing ingredients to help keep you full all day long, aid in digestion and provide energy. It's great for work lunch, on-the-go, or an easy one, two, three dinner.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Choose your base: Quinoa or brown rice
  2. Add your veggies: Zucchini rounds (any type of squash) & broccoli
  3. Add your root veggies: Carrots, parsnips and beets
  4. Leafy greens: Kale (or spinach!)
  5. Fermented veggies: Sauerkraut or kimchee
  6. Sea vegetables: Dulse or seaweed
  7. Plant-based protein: Baked tofu and/or beans
  8. More of what you love, salt & pepper, maybe a dressing... & DONE!

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