How To Apply Nail Wraps

We're big fans of nail wraps. They allow double the fun and half the hassle, so we teamed up with Nail Swag to show you how to apply them like a pro!


1. Buff your nail 2. Pick appropriate size nail wrap 3. Peel front & bank 4. Apply the base of the wrap to your cuticle 5. Smooth onto nail, making sure air bubbles are released 6. File, while gathering the loose end of the wrap at the edge of the nail TIP: File in a downward stroke with a smooth grit file 7. Apply a top coat, and that's a wrap! SCRATCH teams up with nail artists, designers, bloggers and illustrators from around the world to create one-of-a-kind nail wraps. They even provide a monthly mani box where you can have these goods delivered to you every month from a new featured artist! #LEAFgirlapproved