The Ultimate Halloween Candy Buffet

We've shown you the pumpkin ice bucket and smokey cosmopolitan, now it's time for the best part about Halloween: the CANDY! This candy buffet has everything you need to host an impressive, well-spirited party. Themed baked goods, weird candy and most importantly, to-go goodie bags, all play a role in this complete buffet. Decorate your space with spooky Halloween decor and let your guests trick-or-treat their hearts out.

Here's how you set it up:

  1. Festive garland
  2. Vessels: mix and match the heights and sizes
  3. Themed baked goods: make them yourself or pick them up at your local grocery store
  4. Candy: mix sweet, sour and chocolate
  5. Decorate touches: skulls & black candles
  6. The spooky pop ice bucket
  7. Graphic to-go goodie bags

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