French Dinner Party

When you're planning your next dinner party theme, don't opt out of French because it sounds intimidating. French decor is simple and classic with an elegant touch. The cuisine is an art, but it's not impossible to learn. We teamed up with Electrolux to show you how to create that classic 'je ne sais quois'.

Here's how it's done:

  1. The Set Up: Mix clean-lined modern plate ware with traditional French flatware and neutral linen napkins. Create a simple, wild flower centerpiece and floral "runner" with the excess, including floral notes within your place settings. You can also use food as part of your decorations (baguette, please!).
  2. A La Table: You can prep in advance and keep your entree warm so you're not running all over the kitchen when your guests arrive (we use the 'keep warm' feature on our Electrolux). Chill appetizers and crafted wine. Serve classic French dishes like steamed French green beans and Coq au Vin.

Share these tips with your friends for a dinner party this weekend!