How To Exercise While You're Getting Ready

You're invited to tons of gatherings during the holiday season, between the festivities and your regular responsibilities - working out can seem like a chore. So, why not do it while you get ready for the night?? The full body workout above won't leave you _sweaty_, but with perfectly flushed cheeks, confident, strong, and ready to take on the night.

  1. Calf Raises: Do simple calf raises while you're doing your hair. To tone the outer thighs, position one foot 60 degrees behind the other - and switch after 8-10 reps. Repeat 3x.
  2. Push Ups: Find a steady fixture like a bed frame or table, position yourself with a flat spine and do 8 push ups, 3x.
  3. Pistol Squats: Using the couch or a chair, lift one leg straight out while bending the other and squatting onto the seat then standing up. Do 3 sets of 10 on both legs. Then put on your heels and strut out the door!
  4. Stretch: Apply your favorite shade of lipstick, then stretch your upper body - shoulders, triceps and trapezius.

*Made with Sam Negrin, resident LEAF-girl and founder of All Good Health.

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