Everything You Need In Your Emergency Car Kit

Whether you spill your iced coffee or your phone dies... there's always something that comes up when you're on-the-go, and we're here to prevent the worst of the worst with this emergency car kit. Because being prepared is the second step to #adulting (the first: coping with annoying situations without throwing a tantrum). What else would you keep in your emergency car kit!? Comment below and let us know if we missed anything!

  1. Paper towels: spills, bugs, when you're scarfing down your lunch in your car...
  2. Water bottle: leave a reusable water bottle (empty) in your car, then whenever you get thirsty you can pop in the closest convenience store or food joint to fill it up!
  3. Tampons: for obvious reasons...
  4. Healthy snacks: because being hangry isn't an option.
  5. Hand sanitizer & lip balm: Clean up on-the-go, and never worry about chapped lips again!
  6. Matches: you never know!
  7. Pen & paper: directions, random thoughts, things you need to remember, notes "do not tow" on your windshield in illegal parking.
  8. Flashlight: again, you never know!
  9. Phone charger: in case you end up somewhere with a dead phone #worst
  10. Bed Bath & Beyond coupons: because leaving them at home makes zero sense.

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