DIY Tuxedo Pants

We teamed up with DIY expert and jewelry designer, Sophie Monet, to share a slew of easy DIY projects to add some oomph to your home and accessories. This project was also featured in Redbook Magazine's April 2013 issue. Tuxedo pants are consistently spotted from the runway to the street--they're a great staple to transition your outfit from work to happy hour. If you have a pair of old wide-legged pants lying around, why buy a new pair of this trendy pant when you can simply make it yourself?

Here's how it's done:

You'll Need:

Iron 3 yards of grosgrain ribbon Iron on adhesive tape, like Heat'n Bond Black pants of your choice

Step 1: Cut

1. Measure along outer seam of pants, 2 inches past the hem & 2 inches past the waistband 2. Fold the ribbon & measure same length for other leg 3. Snip the ribbon in half, lay onto a flat surface 4. Cut equal lengths to ribbon, twice

Step 2: Iron Ribbon & Tape

1. Place exposed side of tape onto ribbon 2. Set iron to medium heat (no steam), iron for about 5 seconds 3. Work your way down smoothly 4. Expose adhesive

Step 3: Iron Ribbon & Pants

1. Lay ribbon along seam, adhesive side down 2. Iron slowly along seam, fold excess over hem & iron 3. Don't forget the waistband!