We’ve shown you how to make an art wall, now we’re taking it to another level by adding a pop of color with hand-painted frames. Brought to you by Behr Paint, we chose 5 beautiful colors and are taking you through 5 steps to do it yourself at home. Choose your favorite editorials and prints to inspire the whole room. Here’s how it’s done:

You’ll Need:
5-7 images that inspire you
Combination of frames
Butcher paper
Wood sander
Behr Paint #BehrMarquee

Behr Paint #BehrMarquee Colors Used:
Strawberry White
Coral Foundation
Misty Isle
Noble Blush
Ballerina Beauty

1. Trace & cut out frames on butcher paper & measure hanging point
2. Create your wall layout
3. Lightly sand frames & paint
4. Dry completely & add photos
5. Hang & level, DONE!

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