DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Mason jars may be the most multi-functional item you can buy. From storage to decor, it's always a good idea to have one on hand. Here we're showing you how to light one up!

You'll Need:

  • Mason jar - Clamp light fixture - Light bulb - Nail & marker - Cutting board - Sandpaper - Hammer


1. Place lid on a hard surface & trace socket of light fixture onto lid 2. Tracing the marked circle, hammer the nail into the lid 3. Pop out the round cut-out & smooth edges with sand paper 4. Place the end of the socket through the lid 5. Screw in light bulb 6. LIGHT! This was in collab with our friend and jewelry designer Sophie Monet. Share this DIY with your friends by clicking the social links above! Questions? Ask in the comments below!