Update your fall wardrobe in a cinch with this DIY that’s easy to do with high-impact results. We teamed up with Sophie Monet to inspire and teach you how-to give an old jean jacket a face-lift, and all you need is fabric and fabric glue! Add a pop of color, texture or a funky pattern to make it your own. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Fold cuffs to the jacket inside-out
  2. Measure length & width
  3. Using a ruler, draw measurements & cut, then repeat
  4. Cut a small opening for any buttons
  5. Using fabric glue, glue the inside cuff
  6. Repeat, let dry & trim edges

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  • Jen Horton

    Common, it’s denim ….DENIM. Jeans, go on the legs, it is not the name of the fabric. You are just asking to look retarded, saying, ‘a jeans jacket’. Use your words properly, the language is English. Must everybody speak dumb dumb ?

  • Jen Horton

    Jeans…… Noun. ‘Hard wearing causal trousers made of denim or other cotton fabric’. Oxford dictionary, under : definition of jeans , first used in the nineteenth century.