DIY Choker 5 Ways

One of our favorite 90's trends are back and we couldn't be more on board. Formally the pre-teen favorite tattoo choker necklace, now a chic addition to your wardrobe that some of the biggest style icons are rocking. The beauty of this trend is that you can literally make it happen with random items you already own: jacket belts, tights, ribbons, shoelaces and old purses.

We're showing you how:

  1. A thin jacket belt. Just un-loop, measure to size and tie a bow!
  2. Tights. You can get really creative here, we used black with gold glitter.
  3. Ribbon. You finally have a use for all of the random ribbon you bought for the holidays.
  4. Shoelace. Got an old shoe that you're not into anymore? Grab the shoelace and tie it up! We recommend a thin, wax-wrapped one.
  5. The handle off an old bag. Who knew?

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