DIY Bench Makeover

A simple bench is a great addition to any outdoor area, or even an indoor part of your home like the bedroom or front door nook. This video is brought to you by Behr Paint, we're showing you exactly how to revitalize an old piece of wood and make it new! You can customize it however you'd like.

Here's how it's done:

Behr Paint #DeckOver Colors Used:

Sea Foam Navajo White Cape Cod Grey




your area by placing newspaper underneath the work space 2.


: Sand down any uneven surfaces 3.


: Wear gloves then wash bench thoroughly with water, apply Behr All-In-One Wood Cleaner using a brush then keep surface completely wet with solution for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the surface using stiff brush (the solution should foam), rinse thoroughly & let dry 4.


: Using Behr Deck Over paint, fill in any holes or cracks & allow to dry 5.


: Paint bench (2 coats), making sure you create an even texture & allow to dry 6.


: Using painters tape, create your pattern - we chose staggered stripes, paint in the blanks & allow to dry 7.


Peel off tape & take a seat!

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