DIY Animal Bookends

The key to having a bright, unique design in your home is not by spending loads of money, but by paying attention to detail. Adding these homemade bookends to the bookcase can completely change the vibe of the whole space. This tutorial is great because there is room for everyone to get creative; choose your favorite animal and paint color.

Here are the basics:

You'll Need:

2 identical toy animals 2 bricks Gold spray paint 3 shades of white spray paint (light, medium, dark) E-6000 or super glue


1. Spray toy animals with gold spray paint covering thoroughly, & allow to dry 2. Starting at the top of the bricks, spray 1/3 with the lightest color, middle with darker color, and the last bit with the darkest color 3. Allow to dry 4. Using E-6000 or super glue, adhere animals to the top of the bricks 5. Let dry completely - TADA! Planning on making these bookends? Take a photo and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #LEAFtv! We love seeing your work.