Your December Guide To What's In Season

'Tis the season of pies, crumbles, roasted vegetables and mashes. December ingredients include loads of root vegetables, pomegranates, citrus and cranberries. As always, we highly recommend eating seasonal ingredients for the nutritional quality, better flavor and a more sustainable agriculture. Share what you make with these on Instagram by tagging #LEAFtv @LEAFtv!

  1. Parsnips: Roast, mash or make soup
  2. Brussels Sprouts: Roast for side dishes & salads
  3. Pomegranate: Add to salad, yogurt and juice
  4. Potato Varieties: Like sweet, blue and red. Great for latkes and breakfast potatoes
  5. Turnip: Roast, mash or add to stir-fry
  6. Cranberries: Great by themselves or baked into pies and crumbles
  7. Chestnuts: Roast & enjoy by themselves
  8. Satsuma Oranges: Peel & ENJOY!

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